The Child Help Fund’s motto for donation collection is that  “something is better than nothing” because many people feel as though  they should not donate to a worthy cause unless they have a substantial  amount to dedicate. But SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. But there is a lot we can do with the spare change in your couch cushion or that $30 dinner date!

Consider this: some  of the medications that we purchase for Honduran children with epilepsy  cost only $30/month but they often go without because their families  cannot afford it. Ivan was one such case (suffering from both  downsyndrome and epilepsy) until he was able to get his medications paid  for by the Child Help Fund. 

Consider also the story of Karlita:  a 15-year old girl who is under pressure from her family to quit high  school because they could not afford the bus fare or school uniform. The  Child Help Fund is helping Karlita as part of its education initiative  and she is thriving. The Child Help Fund has even done creative  initiatives like delivering hundreds of disposable diapers to Wendy (who  suffers malnutrition and down syndrome) and those diapers were so  important because she previously only had access to cloth diapers  resulting in only one change per day since her widowed mother was forced  to work leaving Wendy at home to be cared for by her 10 and 12-year old  brothers. 

Indeed, there are a lot  of comforts that we routinely take for granted but donation to the  Child Help Fund can bring some of those comforts to the less fortunate  children of Honduras.

There are many more stories of children that have received help from  the small donations given to the Child Help Fund. Those who donate to  the Child Help Fund can have confidence that the organization  understands the sacred trust that accompanies donations to administer  the funds appropriately. 99% of all donations received by the Child Help  Fund are $99 or less but 100% of such funds are used to benefit  needy children (and 0% of any donations are used to pay administrative  costs, salaries, marketing, etc.).


Why give to the Child Help Fund? We realize how many  incredible organizations and noble causes there are out there. And we  realize that you have a choice when it comes to which ones you get  involved with and support. We hope you’ll consider giving to The Child  Help Fund – and hope we can give you a few reasons to do just that.

Our children. The Child Help Fund serves children of all ages, races and  socioeconomic backgrounds (within the Honduras, San Pedro Sula  Community). These are children with irresistible grins, vivid  imaginations and incredible potential – but sharing one unfortunate  commonality: they suffer from disabilities, abuse, neglect, or extreme  poverty which prevents them from getting the care they need.
Our need. We don’t receive federal or state/local government funding and we are  not a United Way agency; we rely on small individual donation to help  our children.

How will my donation make a difference? Very simply,  all donations are directly appropriated for medical needs (i.e.  physical, mental, or emotional) and/or educational needs of specific  children in accordance with the Fund’s Mission Statement and Philosophy. The number of child recipients is  purposefully limited to a small number in order to maximize the amount  of good that can be done individually and to avoid merely skimming the  surface for a large number of children. Also, no director, officer, or  volunteer for the Child Help Fund receives any sort of compensation for  their services, indeed, this truly is a NON-Profit Organization.

So please feel free to make a donation to this great  organization and with your support, we can continue to touch the lives  of many children that so desperately need our help.

Make checks payable to: 
The Javi Gema Help Corporation 
Post Office Box 398; Rexburg, Idaho 83440